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PulStar Adjusting Instrument

What is The PulStar Chiropractic Tool? Computer-precision multiple impulse therapy. Clinically-proven, pain-free analysis and treatment of chronic back pain; and, gentle but precise treatment of pain in soft tissue, neck and extremities.


By the time you pick up the phone to call Greco Chiropractic, PC to help manage your pain, you may have already seen other practitioners. But here we don't limit our practice to just one pain relief tactic. We offer heat, electrical muscle stimulation and traction prior to the adjustment to relieve tension.

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Massage Therapy

Our state licensed massage therapists offer relation and deep tissue massage. They also specialize in trigger point therapy for specific myofascial conditions.

Greco Chiropractic's PulStar connects sensors to a computer program that analyzes vertebrae and joint fixation. In treatment mode, it delivers precise, gentle impulses to remove joint fixation, restore normal function, and relieve your symptoms!

Greco Chiropractic, PC


Greco Chiropractic, PC
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